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Promotional ideas for Charity Events

Promotional ideas for Charity Events

Promotional ideas for Charity Events

How to Raise Awareness

Raising awareness for a new cause can seem a bit impossible at times. Fundraisers and mailing out newsletters only seems to get you so far. The key to raising awareness for a new cause or your new business is to think outside of the box just a bit, and these ideas will help you do just that.

Promotional Footballs

Promotional footballs can be ordered with the name of your business on them. Give them out to children and their parents. As guests see them sitting on a shelf or children toss them back and forth, they will see your text. If you sponsor a local team, promotional footballs can be used instead of a regular football.


Keep some of those promotional footballs and give them out at your next fundraiser. Whether it’s a bake sale or a car wash, everyone will be happy to stop by and see what free things you’re giving out. Simply advertise that you are giving out free gifts and then hand out your promotional footballs. After that, let word of mouth do the rest for you.

Plan an event

Culture fest style festivals are a great way to both get the community involved and to raise awareness. If planning an event is simply out of the question, you can still participate in one. Browse through your local community’s web page to discover festivals that are taking place, and what it takes to be able to set up a booth. After that, plan some fun games with cool prizes (another place you can use those promotional footballs) and have fun while you spread the word.

Write a Blog

Writing a blog can either be a big success or a total bust. The thing is, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Websites are available that will help you set up a blog at a low cost. After that, give it some time and let the views roll in. Companies are available that can give you great tips on what to include on your blog to increase the traffic that you get from search engines, helping you raise awareness more than ever before. Simply write one blog a week and you are good to go!

Raising awareness for anything, whether it’s a new business, a new cause or something else, can be a bit confusing. What works for one company may not work for yours, it’s all about finding a way to reach people in your community, and then giving them a way to remember that. Our promotional footballs will give them a way to remember you, so all you have to do now is find a way to reach out.

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