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Why use Promotional Products ?

Why use Promotional Products ?

Why use promotional products for your company?

Promotional products come in all shapes and sizes...we have listed some of the benefits of using promotional logo products and branded merchandise. Regualr relevant advertising campaigns are essential to a brand that wants to keep growing and to showcase its talents. Using branded promotional products is a great way to get your campaign and company into the offices and homes of potential and existing customers

Promotional logo products are affordable (I didn't say cheap - No one wants cheap representing their brand!) items that can make prospective clients become interested in your brand. Old favourites such as mugs, pens and mousemats have real-world uses in offices up and down the country whilst benefiting the supplying business by giving long lasting and effective brand awareness. The goal of mass promotional giveaways is to attract, appeal and secure customers and retain existing clients. People are grateful for a free product and nearly all consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their daily lives no matter how simple. 

Here at We Print Balls, we concentrate on branded sports balls. These range from mini rugby balls, footballs and all other genres of sports balls. We also supply full-size footballs, American footballs, netballs, basketballs, rugby balls and boxing gloves - All personalised with a company logo. These are perfect for sport-themed events and when trying to raise brand awareness during a massive sporting event. 


Key Promotional Product benefits


1) Promotional gifts invoke a sense of brand loyalty

What better way to engage with potential customers than by offering them a free gift? Studies have shown that by giving a gift to your customer you will increase your chance of them choosing you over a competitor. This kind of stuff sticks in their mind and your small gesture goes a long way.

An obvious benefit of a promotional free gift is that the sense of loyalty remains strong long after the conversation or event is over. The gift which could be one of our footballs could be in their home, office or garden for months...Always there in the corner of their eye reminding them of who you are and what you do!  to visit a stand and listen to a pitch if a promotional item is involved. Giving a gift to your potential customer is a great way to start a conversation that could lead to communication and ultimately a sale.


2)  The long-term

Building meaningful long-lasting connections with your clients is a quality that will ensure your brand will benefit in the longer term. Customers recognise when a company is trying to build a relationship with them and they are more likely to recommend their friends and family to a specific brand that is at the forefront of their mind. This can also be done via social media which captures more online friends and followers who visit the customer's profiles can all be very advantageous for your company in the long term.

Product giveaway competitions on social media such as branded promotional football gifts or tickets to events and quickly gather interest in your brand. Super for the lucky customers who win the competitions but it has the knock-on effect of building up brand awareness...All for a few pounds. 


3) Using promotional items to make customers passionate about you

A great plus point for using branded products is that customers can develop a passion for your brand's values via products being engaged emotionally. We can all remember the personalised Coke bottle thing -  This clever campaign created a personal relationship with Coca-Cola's customers. The consumer could contact coke and request their names on a bottle. Nearly three-quarters of a million personalised bottles were sold which shows people love to interact with their favourite brands especially when something can be supplied 100% personalised.

    A genuine understanding of the benefits of using promotional products is important to correctly implement them into your companies advertising campaign. As a business, you must take the time to understand what your customers need as consumers and then supply them with a promotional gift that can benefit their daily life.  At We Print Balls we have a range of branded sporting products perfect for brand awareness. Check out some of our pages for ideas or give one of the team a call today.e

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