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Football Gifts for Girls

Football Gifts for Girls 0

Looking for a super football gift for your girls?

Our custom personalised footballs are a super football gift for girls! We can supply them in all the common sizes and have a range of colours. We have Pink footballs for girly girls and loads of different designs if pink isnt their thing. We can personalise most of our balls with a name or message and can put dates, numbers and some emjoi's onto the ball. We have the fastest delivery time anywhere in the world on printed balls and can offer next day delivery to the UK and worldwide express delivery within 3 days worldwide!

Our personalised girls football gifts make excellent presents for birthdays, xmas, celebrations, end of season awards or just as a novelty gift for that soccer mad girl in your life! You can check out our range of girls (and boys!) footballs in our online store. If you have any questions, one of the team is usually on standby to assist. 



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Being a football mum

Being a football mum 0

Being a football mum...Our handy guide

As our children grow, the inevitable happens to most mums.....Especially if, can i even say this they happen to be the mums of little boys. The time when ball pit, play barn and the pure company of Mummy just isn't enough. The little tinkers need action, full on action and excitement. They need mud, cut knees and running around a wet cold pitch in January kicking a ball around....

Yes, the time has come for your little darling to become a footballer!

Whilst this might quite possibly be the most exciting thing little Jimmy has ever done... You, however, might not like the idea as much. Gone are Saturday morning lay-ins and breakfast with the family... but is that it really fair to hold your child back from something they love? Football really matters to kids. It especially matters to little boys. It's popular and cool to be good at football and even if they're not great playing each week will make them get better. Either way its better than 4 hours stuck in front of the Xbox playing Fortnite.

The kids understand discipline, teamwork, they learn how to lose and they get some exercise in - What’s not to love?

Here are some valuable tips that others starting out as football mums may be interested in.

Football matters..Period. The sooner you realise that its not just a game, the easier life will become

This Saturday morning event requires serious commitment. Every Saturday morning from September until Easter and usually some summer tournaments. Do you want to be the family that only turns up half of the time?

Actually watch your kids and support them – they will really appreciate it. If you spent the match checking out Instagram on your phone and missed that amazing sliding tackle they will remember it.

If you have to pay subs, don’t forget to pay subs! Its not fair on everyone else. 

Never ever bad mouth any of the following - The child’s team-mates or their parents, the opposition players (or parents) or heaven forbid the ref.

If the other team's coach or any of the other parents shout nasties then leave! It's time to find another team. Nobody needs to put up with hearing that about a kid playing football and there are plenty of teams that will not tolerate it. 

Stand behind the respect barrier - Its there for a reason and your club could get in trouble if you ignore it. 

Let the manager know if your child isn’t going to be there for the weekend – it can be really annoying to be short of players with no prior knowledge. 

Let's face it...Some kids have to be the substitutes. The manager will usually give them half a game or at least a worthwhile appearance. Begging or shouting for more won’t go down well.

Help tidy away after the match. The poor old manager has to dismantle both goals, collect in the cones and the corner flags and tidy everything away. They are not paid, they got there earlier than you and the team wouldn't exist without them so helpHe’s not paid, he was there way earlier than you and he’s got a family to go home to too!

Deal with the mud. Your kid will get what! Shove it all into the machine – it will clean up fine. You can even wash GK gloves and sometimes boots.


Your kids will get mad if they lose.... So will the coach. If he happens to be your husband then you're in for a right day..bite your lip and let time do its thing.

We hope you enjoyed reading about being a football mum and if you are looking for a super gift for your footie mad kids then check out our online store where the most amazig personalised footballs can be ordered!

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Football gifts for 8 year olds

Football gifts for 8 year olds 0

Football gifts for 8 year olds

Football mad 8 year old in your life? We have just the thing! We have a range of personalised football gifts that make excellent presents for 8-year-old boys and girls. It's easy to get them their favourite kit and boots which can all be sourced from online and high street stores and even personalised with their names and numbers. If however, you are looking for something a little different then our team may just have the most excellent football gift for your kids! 

We have a range of personalised footballs which are perfect for 8-year-olds. We have size 3 and 4 balls in all the top colours and even some official football team balls - all of which can be personalised with their name. The teams we currently supply balls for including Barcelona, Arsenal, Spurs, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham. We also have over 10 styles of plain balls in various colours. In addition to our custom printed footballs, we have personalised goalkeeper gloves and boot bags all of which can be printed with the footie crazy kids name! Our personalised football gifts also make super birthday gifts for football-related party gifts. We offer large discounts when you are purchasing bulk orders of balls, bags or gloves.

We offer free shipping on all our football gifts and there express and international delivery options for when you need that football present in a hurry or it delivered to your nephew in New York!

You can check out our full range of gifts for 8 year old in our online store or you can give one of the team a call on 01245 361 667


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Why use Promotional Products ?

Why use Promotional Products ? 0

Why use promotional products for your company?

Promotional products come in all shapes and sizes...we have listed some of the benefits of using promotional logo products and branded merchandise. Regualr relevant advertising campaigns are essential to a brand that wants to keep growing and to showcase its talents. Using branded promotional products is a great way to get your campaign and company into the offices and homes of potential and existing customers

Promotional logo products are affordable (I didn't say cheap - No one wants cheap representing their brand!) items that can make prospective clients become interested in your brand. Old favourites such as mugs, pens and mousemats have real-world uses in offices up and down the country whilst benefiting the supplying business by giving long lasting and effective brand awareness. The goal of mass promotional giveaways is to attract, appeal and secure customers and retain existing clients. People are grateful for a free product and nearly all consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their daily lives no matter how simple. 

Here at We Print Balls, we concentrate on branded sports balls. These range from mini rugby balls, footballs and all other genres of sports balls. We also supply full-size footballs, American footballs, netballs, basketballs, rugby balls and boxing gloves - All personalised with a company logo. These are perfect for sport-themed events and when trying to raise brand awareness during a massive sporting event. 


Key Promotional Product benefits


1) Promotional gifts invoke a sense of brand loyalty

What better way to engage with potential customers than by offering them a free gift? Studies have shown that by giving a gift to your customer you will increase your chance of them choosing you over a competitor. This kind of stuff sticks in their mind and your small gesture goes a long way.

An obvious benefit of a promotional free gift is that the sense of loyalty remains strong long after the conversation or event is over. The gift which could be one of our footballs could be in their home, office or garden for months...Always there in the corner of their eye reminding them of who you are and what you do!  to visit a stand and listen to a pitch if a promotional item is involved. Giving a gift to your potential customer is a great way to start a conversation that could lead to communication and ultimately a sale.


2)  The long-term

Building meaningful long-lasting connections with your clients is a quality that will ensure your brand will benefit in the longer term. Customers recognise when a company is trying to build a relationship with them and they are more likely to recommend their friends and family to a specific brand that is at the forefront of their mind. This can also be done via social media which captures more online friends and followers who visit the customer's profiles can all be very advantageous for your company in the long term.

Product giveaway competitions on social media such as branded promotional football gifts or tickets to events and quickly gather interest in your brand. Super for the lucky customers who win the competitions but it has the knock-on effect of building up brand awareness...All for a few pounds. 


3) Using promotional items to make customers passionate about you

A great plus point for using branded products is that customers can develop a passion for your brand's values via products being engaged emotionally. We can all remember the personalised Coke bottle thing -  This clever campaign created a personal relationship with Coca-Cola's customers. The consumer could contact coke and request their names on a bottle. Nearly three-quarters of a million personalised bottles were sold which shows people love to interact with their favourite brands especially when something can be supplied 100% personalised.

    A genuine understanding of the benefits of using promotional products is important to correctly implement them into your companies advertising campaign. As a business, you must take the time to understand what your customers need as consumers and then supply them with a promotional gift that can benefit their daily life.  At We Print Balls we have a range of branded sporting products perfect for brand awareness. Check out some of our pages for ideas or give one of the team a call today.e
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    How are boxing gloves made?

    How are boxing gloves made? 0

    How are Leather boxing gloves made?

    Fist fighting has existed as a form of human entertainment since the earliest days of human civilization. Some form of the sport appeared as long as six thousand years ago in what is now known as Ethiopia before it spread across the ancient world. Throughout the history of the sport, segments of society deemed that it was too brutal and have lobbied to restrict or ban it altogether. Partly in deference to those efforts and partly in recognition of the frailty of the human body, practitioners and promoters have developed defences for use in the sport. The oldest and most little changed of these has been the boxing glove.


    It is generally acknowledged that the inventor of the modern day boxing glove was an English champion fighter who went by the name of Jack Broughton. Jack fought, as did all boxers of his day, with bare knuckles. Jack developed his gloves—now known as mufflers—so that the gentry could practice boxing at the gymnasium without inflicting serious damage on his peers. The gloves were reserved for such uses and all public contests were still fought with bare fists. In 1743, Jack codified the first modern rules of boxing. Then in 1867, John Graham Chambers, a member of London's Amateur Athletic Club, published the Marquis of Queensberry rules. Line eight of the rules read, "The gloves to be fair-sized boxing gloves of the best quality, and new."  The rules were gradually adopted for amateur competition, and the use of thinly padded or skintight leather mitts became more widespread. Still, most public and professional bouts were fought with bare knuckles.

    American fighter John L. Sullivan is said to have been one of first to popularize the wearing of gloves in public fights. Sullivan reigned as World Heavyweight Champion from 1882-1892, but many historians do not consider him to be the first modern champion as all the fights in which he won his title were waged under the old Prize Ring rules, which did not require gloves. Ironically, Sullivan did wear gloves in his last fight, in which he lost to the first champion under the Marquis of Queensberry Rules, James "Gentleman Jim" Corbett.

    Raw Materials

    The skin of a boxing glove is top grain tanned leather, most often cowhide or goatskin because of their durability and flexibility. Lesser-quality gloves will be made from vinyl, but most sanctioning bodies—amateur and professional—require leather gloves. Some manufacturers line their gloves with another layer of leather, but the majority use nylon taffeta. Gloves are stitched with nylon thread and padding is of high-density polyurethane,

    Latex, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam delivered in sheet form. Historically, cotton batting has been used as padding and many manufacturers still use this material to pad some portion of their models. Some manufacturers also use horsehair.



    The primary design consideration involves the glove's padding. In order for a padding material to be effective, it must absorb energy by compressing. The more it compresses, the more energy it absorbs. If a material compresses too much, it ceases to be useful because it becomes simply a thin layer of dense material. Partly because of this, different weight classes require gloves of different weights. A glove's weight is changed by adding or removing layers of padding. If the same glove weight was required for all weight classes, blows thrown by the largest and heaviest boxers would compress the padding beyond its useful range, while blows thrown by the lightest boxers would barely compress the material at all. In addition, many materials that offer excellent energy absorption also display a characteristic known as memory. Once compressed, these materials maintain their deformed state for an extended period of time so that the initial blow with a glove offers normal protection, but subsequent blows are virtually unpadded.

    Other design criteria stem from rules and regulations of the various sanctioning bodies. For example, USA Boxing, which regulates much of the amateur competition in the United States and sanctions all Olympic-style competition in the United States, requires that all gloves either be thumbless or have the thumb compartment attached to the body of the glove so that boxers cannot jab each other in the eye. In addition, gloves used for international competition, such as the Olympics, must have a portion of the leather covering the knuckle area dyed white for scoring purposes.

    The Manufacturing Process

    Patterns and cutting

    All boxing gloves are cut, assembled, stitched, stuffed, and finished by hand. The manufacture of a glove begins with a pattern of the individual pieces. While every manufacturer has a different pattern, the basic pieces are the palm, which is cut with a slit down its middle that will eventually form the closure section of the glove; the knuckle area, which is always made from a single piece of leather to avoid seams; the thumb, which is made from two halves; the cuff, which is cut as a wide strip; and a thin strip that will be folded over and sewn onto the edge of the cuff and the closure area to finish the glove. The knuckle piece is cut to be larger than its finished size so that space is left for stuffing.

    • 1 Leather arrives from the tannery in large pieces and is laid out on large cutting tables. The patterns are placed on the leather and arranged to make the most efficient use of that piece. The patterns are then traced onto the leather and the pieces are cut with large scissors. Meanwhile, similar patterns are traced onto the lining material and those pieces are cut. Pieces are made to line the palm, the thumb, the cuff, and the knuckle area.

    Assembly and stitching

    • 2 The leather shell of a boxing glove is first sewn together inside out. Stitching is often done on an industrial sewing machine with some of the smaller pieces and finishing work being completed by hand. Many of the higher quality gloves are stitched entirely by hand, and double stitching is used throughout all quality gloves.
    • 3 The oversized knuckle piece is stitched to the palm piece. The two pieces are fitted over a buck to assure the correct shape and the seam is gathered so that the knuckle piece balloons slightly. Gathering the seam also causes the glove to take on its trademark clenched fist shape.
    • 4 Then, the liner pieces are stitched onto this assembled section and the palm is stuffed with padding. The liner is left open at the bottom of the glove, where the cuff will be attached. On many models, the back halves of the thumb pieare is cut as part of the knuckle piece, and the inner half is sewn onto the knuckle and palm pieces. On others, the thumb is stitched together separately; its lining is attached, and its padding is stuffed. The assembled thumb piece is then stitched onto the glove.

    Stuffing the glove

    • 5 The entire glove assembly is now turned right side out. As it is more economical for manufacturers to purchase padding material in standard sheet form, the padding for the knuckle area is made by layering sheets of the material and then cutting it to the desired shape. This also allows glove makers to use one standardized thickness of padding for many glove weights and specifications rather than purchasing or manufacturing a different molded piece for every glove model.
    • 6 The pattern for the glove being made is traced onto the padding material and it is cut. Depending on the manufacturer, pattern pieces may be cut in mass beforehand and kept in stock for assembly.
    • 7 The cut pieces are layered to the specified thickness and are stuffed into the pocket between the knuckle area and its lining.
    • 8 The last piece to be stitched to the glove is the cuff. The cuff and its lining are stitched together, and the piece is stuffed. The ends of this assembly are not stitched together as the piece will eventually form part of the gloves closure area.
    • 9 The assembly is stitched to the open end of the glove piece, closing off all the open pockets and sealing the glove's padding.
    • 10 On If the glove is to be closed with laces, a template is laid over the opening now formed on the glove's underside by the slit in the palm and the open ends of the cuff, and laces holes are punched with an awl. Each hole is strengthened with stitching, and the entire lace area is finished with several rows of stitching.
    • 11 If the gloves are to be closed with hook and loop material, the loop side is sewn onto the outside face of the cuff, and the hook side is stitched onto the cuff's opposite edge.
    • 12 A single thin strip of leather is folded over the open edge of the cuff and the lace area and is stitched in place to finish the glove. The maker's label and any required sanctioning body labels are sewn onto the back of the cuff and the finished gloves are packaged for shipping.

    The Future

    The most surprising aspect of boxing gloves is how little they have changed. The first gloves were leather mitts with little or no padding. Today's gloves have added padding to a greater or lesser degree but not much else. Boxing, in general, seems to be highly resistant to both change and regulation. For over a hundred years, fighters resisted wearing gloves at all. And since then, they have thwarted most efforts at innovation. The movement to remove the thumbs from gloves, for example, has only succeeded in a few areas. Gloves have become more heavily padded in recent years and the padding materials themselves have grown more resilient, but many experts insist that this simply allows fighters to punch harder and inflict more damage


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    Football Themed Wedding Ideas

    Football Themed Wedding Ideas 0

    Football Themed Wedding Ideas

    There's no denying a wedding is one of the most special days of your life as a couple. Tradition whilst still popular has been joined at the altar by new fresh ideas to make your wedding much more personal. Weddings in 2018 are more flexible and allow a larger degree of freedom and fun when planning your big day. We have created some great ideas to inspire your football themed wedding. 
    The rise of the internet and changes in marital law have enabled 100% Customisation. From the stationery, venue, ceremony, celebrations, & food the whole day can completely personalised to the happy couple. It's a great way to introduce your individual and shared passions with family and friends. Theming a wedding makes your wedding personal to you and creates a uniquely memorable day.


    football ticket wedding invites

    A football themed wedding is a super idea for a guy and girl who perhaps met at a footie match, were brought together by their love of a favourite team or perhaps they are involved in the professional football world. If that sounds like you then your invites most definitely need to be football ticket themed wedding invitations which can be totally customised to your own tastes and colours of your big day and team!


    Football ball wedding invites
    Save the dates cards are the first really exciting part of the wedding. Its when you let loves ones and friends know about your big day. Rather than sending the traditional card how about sending out a mini personalised ball with all the details printed onto the ball. They might not be able to stick it on the fridge but its a unique and innovative way to invite everyone to your football themed wedding
    Table Pieces
    Inflated footballs in the colour of the wedding can be placed in the centre of the table and can have the bride and grooms name upon or even the seating plan. At We Print Balls we can customise balls to fit your needs and this includes text, styles and colours. 
    Gifts for page boys and bridesmaids
    Our fun mini coloured footballs can be personalised for those football mad boys and girls with details of the day or just their names. If you have a venue with a lush green outside then they can be straight outside the do what they do best rather than dancing with grandma
    Groomsman Gifts
    A personalised vintage leather ball is a super wedding day gift for the groom, best man, father of the bride or any football mad VIP at the wedding. We can print dates, messages and names onto our vintage balls and supply stands for their wedding gift. 
    Get in touch with the team today to discuss what we can do for you at your football themed wedding!
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