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Personalised Sports - How to order?

Personalised Sports Balls - How to order?

OK, so you'd like to order a personalised ball for a birthday or maybe some printed balls for your brand or club...Here's what you need to do....

PERSONALISED BALLS - If you would one or two personalised footballs, Rugby balls, Basketballs etc printed with children's names then we stock a wide range of balls both plain and team branded. We print the name onto the ball and send out to you. You order these via our online store or over the phone. We accept all major cards and PayPal. Only the balls shown in the store are available - We cannot custom design a single ball due to the high costings. You can order via standard or express delivery. 

PRINTED MATCH & TRAINING BALLS FOR CLUBS - If this is what you're after then you'll need to get in touch. We make your balls to order at our overseas factory and we need to go through all the options with you to design and quote for your order. Once you're happy with the design and cost we get to work on the production. All custom ball orders are payable in advance. We can take payment by card or bank transfer via invoice. It's best to email or call us to discuss the options prior to order. 

ALL OTHER PROMOTIONAL AND PRINTED BALLS & EQUIPMENT - Everything else needs to be made to order. We need to go through designs, colours, materials etc and approval is needed by the signing of visuals. You will need to email us or give us a call so we can get an agreed design across to you for approval. We accept payment via card or bank transfer via invoice. All custom designed ball orders are payable in advance. 

RETAIL PRODUCTS ONLINE - We stock a range of branded retail products alongside our personalised and custom items. These can be ordered via the online store.


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