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Kid's Football Gift Ideas

Kid's Football Gift Ideas

Amazing Kid's Football Gift Ideas

Shopping for children in the family can be a fun way to spend the afternoon or a nightmare! It all depends on how well you know the kid. If you don’t know them all that well, you may be a bit stumped. You can pick up a gift card, but that seems a bit thoughtless and they may not enjoy it as much as children that get an actual present. Instead, pick up one of these great gifts for boys that every boy is guaranteed to love.

Tickets to a game

Every boy seems to love going to football games, so this gift is always a great idea. Tickets to a game are not a cliché gift that they will roll their eyes at, and if the two of you go together it will give you some time to get to know them a little better. Ask their parents what their favourite sport is, and you are good to go.

Building Kits

Building kits are available for everything. Pick them up a beginner model car or aeroplane kit to give them something to do other than just sit in front of the television. Many of these come in beginner versions that involve simply snapping pieces together. Even if your nephew has shown no previous interest in building model cars, you may inspire a new hobby that will last well into adulthood.

Personalised Footballs

Personalized balls are a great gift, and they can be used as decoration or to play with, guaranteeing that your child will get some use out of it, one way or another. You will not have to worry that they will simply toss your gift into the back of the closet or give it to one of their friends. Customize a football with their favourite team, or simply use their favourite colours and their name. Either way, they’re sure to love it and look forward to your next present.

A Day Trip

Spending time with a child is something that can never be replaced. While presents are important, making memories that will last a lifetime is something that cannot be compared. If going out is not an option, spend the day teaching them how to throw their personalized football or build a model car together. Simply enjoying movie night together is a great present for children that have busy parents. 

If you’re struggling to decide on that final birthday present for your nephew that you only see twice a year, one of these kids gift ideas is guaranteed to win him over and bring a smile to his adorable face. He’ll jump up and down with excitement at tickets to see his favourite sports star in action, spend hours playing with a personalised football, or develop a new hobby. Whichever kids gift ideas or idea you choose; you can’t go wrong.

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