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Kids Football Birthday Game Ideas

Kids Football Birthday Game Ideas

Kids Football Birthday Game Ideas

If your child lives for the beautiful game they're going to love a football-themed party. All you need to do is pack everything a soccer fan might probably need into one truly impressive kid's soccer party… football, football and much more football

After you've sourced the party decor, the cake, the personalised footballs from our online store and some football themed tunes are ready to blast over the stereo you're going to need some games. Here are a few ideas to get you going!

WARM UP - To warm up, start with some skills. Start off with some simple dribbling that tests the children’s footballing skills in a fun competitive way. You can use ladders, dribble cones, reaction hoops, hurdles or anything else that creates a diversion and requries skill to dribble a ball around. Mini Prizes for the best dribbler get the kids ready for the next round.

FUNNY FOOTBALL - Next, it’s on to our personal favourite, super size football! - This is often soccer at its funniest! the youngsters play fun football matches with a large inflatable football! Make it even crazier by having no goalkeepers and big goals. You can expect fantastic defensive saves, huge headers, knee knocks, chest downs and blast with those football feet. All the while the soft inflatable ball will bounce around going nowhere like where they want it to go.

SCORE LIKE NEYMAR! - So you think that you've got what it takes to be a world-class striker - Well it’s time to place your goal scoring skills to the test in a knockout penalty or free kick competition. Simply score a goal to progress to the next round. Sounds straightforward, right? Mix it up by adding a keeper, shooting from further, using your weak foot or closing your eyes. Soon it will be down to the final two to battle out the free kick challenge

FRANTIC FUN - The excitement continues with the super fast paced Frantic Football! This funny team game isn’t referred to as ‘Frantic’ Football for nothing! The youngsters listen out for their number, poised on the sidelines. As soon as it's called they race onto the pitch and try to score. Keep adding numbers with every round and before you know you won't know whats going on, they'll be kids and balls everywhere trying to score for their numbered team

KEEPY UPPY - it's then on to a fast game of Keepy Uppy. Our soccering gladiators alternate to step into the Keepy Uppy arena ready to do battle by keeping the football from touching the ground. Head, feet, knees, chest and even shoulders can be used to keep the ball from falling to the floor or out of the Keepy Uppy arena. The best Keepy Uppy athlete wins!

THRILLING TOURNAMENT - All footballing legends need a chance to refuel so after they've topped up with party food its time for the tournament.…Split the kids up into even numbered teams and create a mini league full of short fast games. Every team then plays three matches, one against each other trying to attain many points as possible. The two teams with the highest of points then prepare to play one another in the nail-biting final! The winner takes all!

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