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Branded Match Balls

Here at We Print Balls we design and supply fully custom printed match and training balls, designed together with our customers, to create totally bespoke high-quality footballs for your club!

A great way to ensure your clubs footballs are unique is to have them printed with your club crest, name and logos. We can totally custom make your club's footballs with a bespoke design to give your team something amazing! We have produced personalised footballs for some of the UK's top clubs including Newcastle United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Blackpool alongside lower league teams such as Aldershot Town, Bradford City, Coventry City, Plymouth and many more.

Whilst we have supplied to bigger teams our core business is the supply to amateur teams and youth teams across the country, Europe and beyond.  

We offer your match and training balls in size's, 3-5 and we have over 30 qualities to choose from. Customers often ask which brand of ball we print on and the answer is we don't! We custom make your football from scratch, from design to supply. Printing onto already made balls can be a flawed way to produce a custom ball and the print will just not last.

So how does it work?

1 - You approach us with some brief ideas about what you are looking for - Numbers, quality and an idea of a design. 
2 - We explain the different qualities of ball and go over potential designs. We can then email you a formal visual and some pricing. 
3 - Once approved - production begins. We select the type of material for the job, whether it's a PVC mix or PU for top training balls. For a high-end match ball we use specialist materials such as Korean PU and Ducksung. Layers of laminated cotton material is covered by the chosen outer surface above. We then cut this sheet into the required shapes (all those hexagons and pentagons!) before we cut stitch holes into the panels.  
4 - We then hand screen print the design onto the 32 individual panels of the ball, panel by panel. We now have a pile of 32 shapes ready to stitch together. Your ball is then hand sewn by a skilled stitcher, sewing all the panels around a butyl or latex bladder. The hand stitching of a football takes around 3 hours per ball! alone so you can appreciate the effort that goes into making these balls! Your ball is then checked for quality and is ready for shipment to our UK office. 

We do not print onto an already made football - This type of printing is very limited and cannot provide the end result that screen hand made balls can. We make your ball to your specification - The size, quality, design, colours, bladder, valve style and the number of panels - The lot!!

Printed club footballs are perfect for kids teams, Sunday leagues, football academies and clubs at all levels. We find that many youth teams suffer high losses of footballs, especially at tournaments and on match days when everyone has the same balls! If your team play in bright orange then why not make your match balls in the same colour along with your badges plastered all over them....Not only will they look amazing but no one dare try and sneak one away and pretend it belonged to their team. They are also a great way of a local sponsor contributing to a club in their community and provide maximum brand exposure. 

Things to note: 
- Our minimum order is 100 balls or 250 for Thermo Bonded Balls. 
- Maximum capacity is around 5000 balls a week
- Standard lead time is 28 days. We will advise lead time at point of order
- Express production is available for an additional cost
- The Value is with higher quantity. 

If you are interested in getting a quote for your team's printed footballs then give us a shout. You can contact the office on 01245 361667 or email us at


Branded Club Match Footballs

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