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Russia 2018 - Branded Footballs

2018 World Cup - Russia - Branded Footballs


June 2018 is when the next World Cup begins in Russia and we are already working on orders associated with major promotions ahead of the tournament. Remember typical lead time for custom made promotional footballs is four weeks and so as the competition approaches please do start your planning early! As we approached the last World Cup many clients left it far too late when planning events and with such high demand across the globe for footballs, were left disappointed. 


The country goes football mad during the World Cup and any promotional event organiser that is running an event during or prior to the tournament would be mad to not consider branded footballs as part of marketing campaign. Its the most popular sport on the planet and the World Cup is watched by millions. If England do well in the qualifying stages then football fever will really consume the country and we would strongly recommend anyone considering their marketing budget this summer to included some custom designed balls.