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Kids Boxing Gloves

Kids Boxing Gloves

Kids Boxing Gloves

We Print Balls a UK based boxing glove design production company are here to help young boxers of all abilities and ages achieve their goals in getting the best performance whilst looking the part! We stock a range of boxing gloves for kids in the smallest sizes available in the UK. Lots of our glove range is fully customisable and we can print names, text and images onto the gloves to add that personal feel. By personalising your kid's boxing gloves you can offer them as a reward for hard work and determination of perhaps just treat them to a knockout boxing gift for their birthday!

What gloves shall I choose?

The internet is an amazing tool for researching and you won't be surprised to hear us say that wherever you purchase your child's boxing gloves they will have different information on styles and what you should and shouldn't buy. We keep things simple and have details what we have to offer below. There are infinite styles of glove out there and we could offer hundreds but it can get a little confusing and we want to keep your online shopping experience with us hassle-free. So here are the options available to you and remember if you have any questions you can contact us via email, social media or pick up the phone whereby one of the team will be able to help


Every boxing glove manufacturer is different but at the end of the day, a 6oz glove can only weigh 6oz. If you make it large 6oz the extra size still means your glove weighs 6oz and something has to give to keep it the same weight. We don't have this problem as we offer our gloves in size brackets based on their weight. We supply the following size children's boxing gloves:

2oz Boxing Glove - Our smallest glove! These little mitts are the boxing glove of choice for 3-4-year-old toddlers. They allow enough room for their fists to lock in but don't clamp too tight that they cause the child concern. If you are looking for babies boxing gloves then this would have to be your choice as its currently the smallest we supply. Available in gold, red, black & blue our 2oz kid's boxing gloves are available in leather and PU, which is a synthetic leather. Remember Boxing Boy offers a personalisation service with nearly all our custom gloves. 

4oz Kids Boxing Glove - Very similar in size and style to the 2oz glove these suit children 5-6 as a rough guide. Available in the full colour range and we can personalise as above. 

6oz Kids Boxing Goves - Our 6oz gloves are the perfect glove for those aged around 7-10 years dependant on size. These may also be the perfect glove for females who are quite petite and below 5ft tall. Full-colour rage available


Its a simple choice between leather and PU. The leather is exactly that, full cowhide leather hand cut and crafted by our skilled production team. The leather is durable, breathable and far superior in quality to other materials including PVC and PU. Leather gloves will last longer and look the part. The only negative is that they are costlier and are not a viable choice for vegans. 

PU is what we use for our alternative children's gloves. PU is a synthetic leather that is fairly durable and it could be argued is perfect for kids due to its lower cost. Kids grow quickly and that expensive leather pair may not last as long as intended. PU kids gloves are fine for sparring, bag and pad work and for gifts. 

We can only offer main body personalisation on the leather gloves but we can print names and text onto the cuff of both the PU and leather variety. We do not use PVC for any of our gloves. 


Our leather and PU boxing gloves are available in Red, Gold, Black & Blue. If we see a spike in demand then we will launch new colours to meet our customer's needs. We can fully custom print your kid's gloves with a logo, design or message. Just get in touch to see if we can help.