Personalised & Custom Designed Sports Balls - Wholesale & Retail



We Print Balls is online only business and as such any restrictions on opening times and closures are not applicable. During the current coronavirus outbreak we aim to continue business as usual. 

Individually personalised items: We have tens of thousands of items in stock here in the UK that can be dispatched via the website in the normal way. Our items are delivered by Royal Mail and so long as they are operating a normal service there will be no disruption to customers. If you are shopping from outside the UK we would advise you to check with your local postal service for updates.  

Contamination: We use minimal handling when processing orders. All recommended common sense measures are taking place when handling and packing items for customer dispatch. We typically use cardboard packaging,  with current research showing infections such as the coronavirus surviving a maximum of 24 hours on such surfaces. At points in the delivery network, packages for home delivery are handled by delivery and depot staff and as such we would advise on a common sense approach to receiving parcels. 

Bulk orders for clubs, companies and brands. At present there is no restrictions on the movement of goods domestically or internationally. Local restrictions to certain regions may apply. Our supply chain is operating as normal with very minor local disruption as we typically use UPS, TNT and DHL couriers to move products around the globe.