Kids Boxing Gloves, Shorts & Robes - Custom Personalised!

We have a great range of personalised & custom designed kids boxing gloves and equipment for children. We have junior gloves from as small as 2oz for toddlers and every weight there upwards to adult sizes. All custom personalised! Why not add some shorts, a robe or even a hooded sleeveless vest to complete the look. All our boxing gear is colour coded so you can mix and match items to create super little boxing sets for kids.

We are different to anyone else by the fact that we hand print your requested text and logos onto the gear. Each piece is done by hand on request. No mass produced printing with a lack of attention to detail here! We ship worldwide and can offer express delivery on most items. 

Check out the range below and get in touch if you have any specific requests!


Kids Boxing Gloves, Shorts & Robes

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'To My Son' Kids Boxing Gloves