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Personalised Goalkeeper Gloves

Custom Personalised Goalkeeper Gloves

Personalised Goalkeeper Gloves

Treat your little Goalkeeper to a personalised gift they’ll love! We have an ever growing range of personalised goalkeeper gloves perfect for keepers young and old.

Our handmade personalised goalkeeper gloves are the perfect gift for keepers! Available in a range of sizes we have enough variety to please them all. Our own brand Personalised goalie gloves are hand sewn from start to finish and are made from foam backed 3mm German latex. The gloves include finger protectors to prevent that awful moment when the ball strikes the tip of the fingers and bends them back! These are top quality gloves and are


 Size Guide

Our Team Football gloves come in two sizes

  • Boys (5-8 years)
  • Youth (9-13 years)

Our branded blue and white finger protection gloves come in a variety of sizes to suit all. Please use the following goalkeeper glove size guide chart to assist you. The guide covers nearly all hand sizes and is required when sizing goalie gloves. The ages are a guide but the hand circumference is much more accurate and will provide a better fit. It is always advised to allow a little room for strapping, swelling and growth of younger hands! If you require any assistance with your custom glove personalisation then get in touch with the team.



 Glove Size
Hand Circumference Age


13.5cm 4-6


15.5cm 6-7


17.5cm 8-10


19.5cm 11-13


21.5cm 14-15